Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Worktops - the devil is in the detail

When getting a new kitchen, one of the things that deserves a bit of thought is the type of worktop you will be having. If you thought it was just a matter of picking a material and colour, then think again...

There is a multitude of worktop materials to choose from, from granite, marble, and quartz, to wood, Corian, and stainless steel to name just a few.

When choosing a worktop it is good to think about practicalities. If you have children you might want a material that is durable and stain resistant. Think about if you want a material that is low-maintenance, or whether you are willing to put some effort into keeping your worktops looking pristine.

There is also a wide variety of colours to choose from. If your kitchen does not get much natural light, maybe opt for a lighter colour worktop. If you have wooden floors, perhaps you don’t have to have wooden worktops, but if you do think about how the different woods will look together. On the other hand, if you have floor tiles a wooden worktop can bring some warmth into your kitchen. There is a variety of finishes to choose from too, such as polished, honed and leathered for granite and quartz, or single stave and butcher’s block for oak.

So you’ve chosen your worktop material, colour, and finish... Now onto the details, such as deciding on the thickness of the worktop, what kind of edging you want, whether you want drainer grooves around the sink, if you want an upstand and perhaps even a splashback out of the worktop material.

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a worktop, but as they say, a kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s worth thinking about the details!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Let there be colour!

What better way to incorporate colour into your kitchen than by adding a few chairs from the lovely Tolix range.

It can be quite daunting adding a bold colour to a kitchen, but doing so through the use of accessories can really change the feel of a space without changing everything in it. Our cool, white, contemporary Corian kitchens can particularly benefit from a splash of colour, with past customers opting for small appliances in red, brightly coloured wall art, or even a shocking pink splashback.

Tolix chairs have certainly made their mark in history and are iconic, wonderfully crafted and designed pieces. As well as“rustproof, robust and stackable” they also come in various heights and sizes and, naturally, a range of fun and bright colours.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Designers visit the workshop

Here at Higham Furniture we are not a company that mass produce kitchens, instead we are a small team of talented individuals that work together with a care and passion for our hand made product.  We hope this is felt by what we offer our customers from start to finish. Our aim is that your designer will carry your project from initial quote right through to the after care to ensure that you get a beautiful kitchen without too many hitches along the way.  Being a small team we can also lean on each others’ expertise to ensure that our clients receive the best information and assistance.

We also know that it’s important that as designers we truly understand our product and the process that our workshop 
team go through to create our exquisite designs. Our trainee designer Ashley & I visited the workshop last week and got involved in making doors and drawers for some of our own designs – very enjoyable!  It was great to meet up with the guys and get a real insight into the hard work they put into each kitchen. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

East Coast Cool eKBB article

The February issue of eKBB had our wonderful American style kitchen as the front cover and a further 11 page feature inside.  We now have the article to download.

Read how the Wardrops renovated their Edwardian property with an American look inspired from the movie "Something's Gotta Give".

This kitchen is high on detail with the in frame cock bead, beaded panelled painted doors and high units with glazed top boxes.  The worktop is Carrara Marble.

Click the cover for the article.

(c) eKBB Magazine

Friday, 21 March 2014

Stylish Spice Drawers

We have recently designed a beautiful, hand painted kitchen in Stratford Upon Avon. Due to the size of the space available there was a place for almost every kitchen item and accessory you could imagine!

In most kitchens spice drawers are placed near the cooker, however we thought it would be a nice idea to include them either side of the Belfast sink to store dishwasher tablets and sponges, items that can easily be misplaced in a large cupboard. This arrangement is not only practical but frames the sink and creates a feature of it.

In this kitchen the spice drawers are painted in Little Greene French Grey and have knobs to match the rest of the units. There are however a number of options for these handy little drawers, for example you could have them made out of oak with a scooped handle to match your oak floor.

If you would like to include these stylish spice drawers in you new kitchen get in touch!!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Effortless quality coffee, built-in.

Where to place the small appliances in a kitchen is an area that is not always given as much attention as it perhaps deserves. It is easy to overlook these smaller details when you are having to focus on the preferred positioning of your American fridge freezer or large range, but making sure that your kettle, Magimix and coffee machine have a designated home can make the difference between a sleek, elegant kitchen and a cluttered mess.

Large larders can serve as great 'appliance garages' when fitted out with a worktop, and some appliances such as blenders can even be run from within them as long as a power supply is created. When it comes to appliances that create moisture however, such as kettles and coffee machines, it is generally best to avoid operating these in confined cupboards, or risk dampening your dry foodstores.

We have spoken previously of the benefits of having a boiling water tap installed in your kitchen, as it does away with the need for a separate kettle, and increasingly we are finding that our clients are opting to integrate their coffee machines as well to preserve their worktop space.

For those intimidated by overly complex Barista-style coffee machines, Miele have brought out the perfect solution. The Miele CVA6431 is the first integrated coffee machine designed to use Nespresso coffee capsules. These small pots of ground coffee make brewing the perfect beverage easy and almost mess free. The capsules are even recyclable, so you don't need to worry about needless waste.

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Install Team!

For the majority of kitchens our team both craft the kitchen and then install them. All the kitchens are set up in the workshop before delivery to make sure that they are millimetre perfect. 

Here's George, Aaron, Brett & Andy on a recent fit of a fantastic kitchen in Hammersmith. We particular like the one of Aaron trying to open the top cupboards. At 6'2” he's not used to feeling quite so short!